Every Little bit Counts

Recently my husband and I redid our back patio.  We had brown plastic wicker furniture with gray cushions and it just looked sorta… blah.  Originally, we were thinking of getting a whole new patio set but we quickly squashed that idea once we looked at the prices.  So, we decided to get new cushions and some side tables that we had been talking about for awhile.  After shopping online at Target and going to two stores in person, we have what looks like a brand-new patio - 2 chairs and a love seat with medium-dark blue cushions with gray accent pillows, a new ottoman, 2 rustic-looking side tables with blue in it them that matches the cushions, a blue and white rug for under the table, and a new “Wipe your paws” mat.  Our screened-in outdoor area now has a whole new look and feel for half the cost of a new patio set and only about 5 hours of work when all was said and done!  All of those little changes we made added up to a big overall difference in the appearance and comfort of our patio.