Karen Norris, President, ClearCore Insights

Working with Amy as my executive coach has proven to be extremely positive, not only in helping me to identify blocks that were holding me back, but also in helping me understand what my roadblocks were and coaching me to develop steps that move me forward.  With goals and clear action plans, I can address the challenges I face in growing my business.

Using a combination of dynamic skills, intuition and a straightforward approach, Amy provides the right balance that has helped me gain clarity towards improvements as a business leader and in achieving my personal goals.  The great results I am experiencing in my professional and personal life continue to grow exponentially.

Suzanne Reilley, iPEC Professional Coach

Before working with Amy, I wasn’t sure I could really feel safe opening up to her, to share my struggles, challenges, and the things I wanted to accomplish. I knew coaching with her was going to be amazing, but I was like, oh man, can I really share my full self here?

Amy has this clear, grounded and receptive energy that made it so easy for me to bring up any topic, talk it through with full honesty, clear a significant amount of energy, uncover profound insights and powerfully get to the other side. Amy’s also got this excitedness that you can feel under her professionalism that makes working with her such a joy.

Through our coaching, I’ve come to honor myself (and others) in really cool ways. I took my first vacation in years! I’ve incorporated more color, design and vibrancy into my life. I feel lighter, happier and have more internal peace… which makes my day to day that much more fun, and my results at work, and at home… that much more powerful.

Leigh Schlemmer

I have had the pleasure of working with Amy via phone sessions and email support. She is easy to talk to and is enthusiastic about helping her clients succeed. Amy has the ability to ask questions to encourage "forward thinking," and she's eager and available to offer support beyond "office hours." 

Sara Jagodzinski, Problem Solver and CPQ Expert

When I first met Amy, I was shy, didn't speak up for myself, and had very little confidence.  With her guidance, I have grown as a person.  I feel more confident and more courageous.  Since coaching with her, I have taken a professional position outside of my comfort zone.  With Amy's help, I have been able to grow and succeed in my new found self-assurance.