Is it a Business or a Family?

What words come to mind when you think of the word “business”?  Perhaps stresspoliticsstructurecontrol, or rules?  What about when you think of the word “family”?  Maybe caringsupportivelovingfun, or engaging?

Why do we view those two so differently?  A business and a family are both organizations made up of multiple members that work together for many hours a day for a common purpose.  Both of them have a set of guidelines they follow to help steer them towards that purpose.  While a family has principles, a business has core values.  In both organizations, the team members primarily want the same things individually – respect, trust, support, success, and happiness to name a few – and when team members get those things, they are more fulfilled, engaged, and productive.

So if a business and a family are so alike, why do we run them so differently?  The key to a happy and successful family is very well the same key to a happy and successful business.  So stop switching to “work mode” when heading into the office or “home mode” when leaving.  Try incorporating some of the thoughts, actions and emotions that make you and your teams successful into your whole life and see how it improves.